Cory Keyboard Products

Super High Gloss PolishSuper High Gloss Polish

Specially formulated to clean and protect high gloss polyester, polyurethane and lacquer finishes in one easy step. Use Super High Gloss Polish as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust.

Comes in convenient 8 oz. Bottle

Cory Satin SheenSatin Sheen

Satin Sheen’s remarkable cleaning and conditioning properties make maintaining any satin finish easy. Use satin sheen to remove fingerprints smudges or grime.

Comes in convenient 8oz. bottle.

Keyboard DetailerKeyboard Detailer

A unique one-step cleaner/conditioner/polish designed for use on all plastic, metal, Formica, wood, leather and similar synthetic surfaces. Great for synthesizers, digital pianos and digital keyboards.

Cory Key BriteKey – Brite

Cleans, brightens and preserves all plastic, ivory and wood keyboards…even electric. Spray directly on keys and gently wipe them clean. It’s completely safe on all surfaces and dissolves wax build-up. Excellent for computers too.

Available in 4oz. bottle.

All-BriteAll – Brite

All-Brite is a non-greasy treatment designed to polish and preserve all fine lacquered instrument surfaces. It protects against drying and cracking and is perfect for lacquered wood finishes. Use on pianos, organs, benches, and band instruments.

Comes in convenient 8 oz. Bottle.

Cory Buff BriteBuff-Brite

Buff-Brite is a high-tech, water-base buffing compound that gently removes fine scratches from all high performance finishes, including brass, silver, and nickel. Excellent for shining piano pedals too.

Available in 4oz. bottle.

Additional Keyboard Products by Cory

Cory Ultimate Care kitUltimate Care Kit

This Kit provides the complete care maintenance for any instrument. Each kit comes with a polisher and cleaner cloth, one 4 oz. bottle of Key-Brite and your choice of one 4 oz. Satin Sheen or one 4 oz. Super High Gloss Polish.

When ordering specify High Gloss or Satin Sheen

Cory Grand Piano Detailing KitGrand Piano Detailing Kit

Complete 7 Piece Cleaning Kit containing Piano Polish, Key Cleaner, Sound Board Cleaner, Pinblock Cleaning Brush, Polishing Cloth, Mega dusting Cloth, Cleaner Cloth.

Specify Hi-Polish or Satin Finish

Cory Honey Oak ConditionerHoney Oak Conditioner

The finest oak moisturizing polish and wood conditioner available. Use regularly to moisturize and protect all fine oak surfaces. Color hues have been specially added to bring out the true luster in oak grain.

Apply to fine furniture, paneling, and antiques and more.

Cory Natural WoodNatural Wood

Our #1 wood tone polish for lacquered pianos. Use regularly to moisturize and protect all finishes and open pore wood surfaces. Apply to all fine furniture, paneling, antiques and more.

Use regularly to keep wood finishes looking
moisturized and protected.

Cory Harmony Detailing KitHarmony Detailing Oil

The perfect blend of moisturizing oils for all wood and metal piano surfaces. Apply to case parts, soundboards, damper heads and plates. Hand buff to high luster. Use regularly to preserve moisture and shine.

Not recommended for satin or high polish finishes or use on strings or tuning parts.

Cory Coconut CleanerCoconut Cleaner

Naturally cleans all paint and wood surfaces. This cleaner is an amazing, all natural cleaner that deep cleans grime, wax and build-up from most household surfaces.

Apply directly onto surface to be cleaned, allow to soak into grime and stains before wiping.

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