Wittner MetronomesWittner Metronomes

Made by German Craftsmen, the Wittner Metronome is an out-standing product in quality
and appearance. Features include latch on cover and adjustable weight on pendulum.

4 1/8" square base
8 1/2" high
Approximate shipping weight: 2 lbs.

No. 1120 – Mahogany
No. 1121 – Ebony
No. 1122 – Walnut

Taktell PiccoloTaktell Piccolo

This key wound, pendulum type metronome is extremely accurate and comes
complete with a facing dust cover that protects the instrument when not in use.

A standard, multi-colored plastic metronome.

6” high
2 ¾” wide
1-3/4” deep.

No. 1125 - Mahogany
No. 1126 - Beige
No. 1127 - Ivory
No. 1128 - Black

Taktell Super MiniTaktell Super-Mini Metronome

This metronome is the smallest and most accurate in the world.

Measuring 4” high, 1-7/8” wide, and 1 1/8” deep, it runs as long and conveys the beat just
as reliably as other larger Wittner models.

Plastic case comes in a ruby red color.

No. 1123

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