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New from the Jansen Company…

Lucite Brass Plated Caster CupsBrass Finish Lucite Caster Cups…

Match your brass piano casters with the new Jansen brass finish,
lucite caster cups… the perfect compliment for your piano.

This caster cup design will give you the protection and classic look your customers want!

836 Wood Caster Cups#836 Wood Caster Cups…

This caster cup measures 3 1/2" outside diameter with 
2" inner concave impression.

837 Wood Caster Cups#837 Wood Caster Cups…

This caster cup measures  5" outside diameter with
2 1/2" inner concave impression.

Please Note: Caster cups are sold by the piece, not in sets,  by the Jansen Company.

Please specify finish when ordering.

Also available in satin or hi-polish.

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