Organ Mackintosh Covers

Mackintosh covers are manufactured by the Jansen Company and are meant to be a lightweight dust cover for upright and grand pianos. They are available in black or dark brown and have a 5 oz. woven poly exterior that is bonded to a 7 oz. white non woven interior.

Essentially, the covers are made with two seperate materials that are joined together offering excellent protection for the piano.

This strong fabric will offer many years of satisfactory usage by the customer. The Jansen Company recently started offering the Mackintosh cover for digital pianos as well.

Every Mackintosh cover is custom made.

Baldwin Organ Covers*
J9100 30 36"h X 22"d X 40"w
J9105 40,41,51,61,71,54 36"h X 25 1/2"d X 45"w
J9110 45,45C,45H,46C,48H 41"d X 29"d X 53"w  (covers bench also)
J9115 5-5R 44"h X 28 1/2"d X 53"w (covers bench also)
J9120 10-10A 47 1/2h X 34"d X 65"w (covers bench also)
Conn Organ Covers
J9200 Caprice 430 34"h X 21"d X 46"w
J9205 Minuet 540 34 1/2"h X 22"d X 47"w
J9210 Rhapsody 625 38"h X 29"d X 51"w (covers bench also)
J9215 Artist new model 720 42 1/2"h X 34"d X 56"w (covers bench also)
J9220 Serenade old model
Serenade new model
38 1/2"h X 31 1/2"d X 54"w (covers bench also)
J9222 630, Theatre 640, 631 41"h x 33"d X 56"w (covers bench also)
J9225 Classic 820-821 45"h X 30"d X 59"w (covers bench also)
Hammond Organ Covers
J9400 Chord, S100, Piper Autocord 34"h X 21"d X 42"w
J9405 Spinet, M-100, L-100, K-100 34 1/2 X 25"d X 46"w
J9410 A-100, E 111-112 34 1/2"h X 25"d X 48"w (covers bench also)
J9415 B,B2, C, CU, C2, A-105, B-3 38 1/2"h X 29"d X 47 1/2"w(covers bench also)
J9420 E, RT, D-100 39"h X 29"d X 55"w (covers bench also)
Lowrey Organ Covers  
J9600 Brentwood, Chapel, Heritage, Holiday 35"h X 23"d X 44 1/2"w
J9603 Starlet 33 1/2"h X 23"d X 40"w
J9605 Berkshire, Heritage, 39 1/2"h X 25 1/2"d X 44 1/2"w
J9610 Church, Coronation, 39 ½” h x 31” d x 48” w
  Festival, Lincolnwood (covers bench also)
  Theatre Spinet and Theatre Deluxe  Spinet

*Please Note: If the piano brand/size is not listed, please contact the Jansen Company for pricing and availability.

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