Due to the State of Wisconsin Mandate regarding the Covid-19 virus, Paul L. Jansen & Son® has suspended operations as of 03/25/2020. We will return to operation on Monday, April 27, 2020.
If you would like to submit an order to be filled as soon as we reopen, please email the order to: [email protected] Thank you for your understanding.

Information about P.L. Jansen & Son® piano benches & other products

Rebuilding the Jansen® Artist Bench

Instructions for rebuilding the adjustable mechanism on your Jansen® Artist Bench

Fax Order Form

Printable form for fax orders

J525 Stretcher Bench

J880 Complete

J4002 N3 Dolly

J4003 Digital Grand Dolly Assembly

J4004 Instructions

Jansen Upright Dolly Installation

Warranty Description

205 Lucite Lock Instructions

6545 Assembly Instructions

Artist Bench Assembly

Dual Truck Threading Instructions

Grand Transporter Jack Oil Refill

Grand Dolly Instructions